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ZTE Open C - Firefox OS

by Maciej Rumianowski

Posted on Tuesday Sep 30, 2014 at 11:30PM in General

ZTE Open C can be bought on ebay for a reasonable price of £40 and it is exactly the same phone as those advertised with Android 4.4. You can easily flash it with Android.

I've bought mine, because of Firefox OS and easy way to flash the phone with different OSes. The official FFOS on the device is 1.3 and feels very limited. Following instructions given by mozilla developers it was really easy to upgrade OS to version 2.1 or any other. So I did it! The yet to be released version 2.1 has much more functions and apps that match usability of those on Android, ex. E-Mail and Calendar. However, there are some outstanding bugs that blocks normal usage, luckily there are all reported on bugzilla and taken care of.

The phone wouldn't be so great if there was no possibility to use different OS. There are easy ways to flash it with stock Android 4.4 and even unofficial build of CyanogenMod 11 by KonstaT. All necessary instructions are at this CM 11 site. I'm very happy with CM 11 on ZTE Open C, everything works and I had better experience than on my old Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 4.2. From time to time some app in background is crashing, but that's fault of low memory and is understandable.

To sum up, ZTE Open C feels like a good, cheap, hackable phone that I would recommend to any Developer that want to have some fun!

photo credit: mozillaeu via photopin cc

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