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London Spring Exchange 2014

by Maciej Rumianowski

Posted on Thursday Nov 13, 2014 at 12:03AM in Code in Practice

London Spring Exchange 2014 was organized by Skills Matters and the Programme can be found at

I went to the following talks and find them really interesting:
  • Innovate, Compete, or Die: How and Why Spring is meeting the latest design and architectural challenges

    Russ Miles presentation was very energizing. The little show he did at the beginning woke everybody. The second part got everybody thinking about Architecture, Antifragile Software and of course Microservices and even Reactive Microservices.

  • Introduction to Security

    Rob Winch gave an introduction to Spring Security, it's current and to be done features. He pointed out also some of the security threats that Spring is taking care of behind the scenes.

  • Caching with Spring: Advanced topics and best practices

    Michael Plöd spoke about different topologies and good practices when it comes to caching and not caching. He underlined that it is more often better not to cache :P. He also pointed 2 things that are the most evil in Caching: small caches (limited size) and replication in non-distributed caches. Talk is also aided with a live presentation of Hazelcast distributed cache.

  • Monoliths to SOA to Microservices: The Ticketmaster Tech Transformation

    Dann Webster and Rodney Barlow on a real life example of the Microservices transformation. Great presetation on how Ticketmaster went from 2 Monoliths to SOA to Microservices. It's possible and brings real value!!!

That's all the talks I attended and I can truly recommend.


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The second part got everyone pondering Architecture, Antifragile Software and obviously Microservices and even Reactive Microservices.

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